Aizen Fimbulventre

24 πŸŒ™ He/Him πŸŒ™ Pan πŸŒ™ Xaela πŸŒ™ 210cm / 6'9"


A Xaela AuRa looking to enjoy the scenery and take in all that Eorzea holds. Growing up in a small village of mixed races, he grew up with an elder AuRa woman and helped around in the local apothecary. Growing tired of the same old and disdain from judgy villagers, Aizen flew the coop in search of more grander and finer things in life.

Far out from the Azim Steppe, away from the fighting of clans and traditions and fighting there was a small village that could hardly be of notice. In the middle of a deserted area, where only adventurers and heroes would gain rest was a small village with no name. It consisted of a group of a few people of many races, however it mostly consisted of Au'Ra's that had been banished from clans within the Azim Steppe, or who had opposed the traditions which were passed down generations.

One such who had opposed was a kind, elderly Raen woman known as Saadiya. Being a strong and resilient woman, she cared and mended the wounds of hunters and gathers of the village and to those passing by with the potions and skills she had in her self-made Apothecary. Aizen, growing up alongside the village kids and no parents to go to, was swept under Saadiya wing and looked up to her as a grandmother. He learnt the ways of taking care and mending their wounds, excitedly taking in all the stories of other cities and far-away towns from those that crossed their paths. Sometimes merchants would come along with their wares, which allowed Aizen to purchase books of many different styles and genres, enriching his young mind further.

When Aizen had become of older age, becoming more wiser and more adventurous, Saadiya begged him to leave and explore the world, knowing full well he wished to see grander and bigger things in life. Aizen at first refused, wishing to stay with his grandmother, but she had none of it. Saadiya told him of her previous adventures when she was much younger, wishing for him to embrace his youth while he still could. When it was finally time, Aizen left the village with merchants who knew the way to the closest grand city, leaving Saadiya and all the other villagers behind.

Now he lives within the walls of Limsa Lominsa, and working within a start-up Casino to make ends meet. Reading whatever he liked and doing whatever he sole pleased. He still did the occasional alchemy here and there, but that has long since passed.

TeaDirtAlignment: Chaotic Neutral
SweetsGrimeWeaknesses: Gambling
ReadingLoud NoisesFav Food: Ramen
MoneyChildrenFav Drink: Matcha
--Fav Color: Royal Indigo & Black

Appearance / Personality

Aizen is somewhat tall, but isn't the tallest of the races or even from other Aura. He has a slim build with slight muscle, but otherwise mostly uses his smarts to get around in life. His sharp tongue and fanged smile always tend to have an effect on people. He likes to look his best, donning red eyeshadow and black lipstick which match his sharp black talons nicely. His deep black scales sparkle under certain light directly over the top of it. For an AuRa man, his tail is quite long and thick than others.

Unless he is in working attire, his usual outfit consists of thigh high black boots, black stockings, and a white long traditional robe with silver accents. Things further away seem to a struggle for the man, donning sleek looking glasses.

At most times, Aizen is mostly quiet. Get him to open up, and he can be somewhat bratty but tries maintaining an intelligent and regal atmosphere. Keep him going and you can start to see holes with his personality, almost like he's making up for what he does not have.


RP Hooks
Adept with alchemy, does not practice anymore for unknown reasons. Has vast knowledge on the subject.A people watcher, will sit to the side line and study people from afar before approuching, may look lonelyNot an adventurer, no fighting skills beyond what any capable person can manage.May look at attractive men in a flirtatious way, or look at women with high respect. Leans more towards men than women, may make moves or flirt with men more.Does not like confrontation, if he finds someone acting strangely he'll watch but not approuch in most cases. Unless he has a responsibility to do so.Often wearing very nice clothing, or revealing attire. Only the best for him.Sharp black talons/claws, slit shaped eyes, sharp teeth, tail moves when emoting enthusiastically. Quite "dragon-like" in appearence.


Common Rumors (Easily overheard)
β–  A creepy looking man that can easily brew any potion imaginable, perhaps he could poison you at any time?
β–  Very stuffy and up himself, can not smile for the life of him.
β–  Rude and violent, will argue almost anything.

Rare Rumors (Very difficult or rarely overheard)
β–  A d*ck chaser, only after pretty or bulky men
β–  A clean freak, scrubs every surface and himself thoroughly


Saadiya (NPC) - Aizen's Mentor/Grandmother figure. A tall elderly lady roe who looked after him and taught him how to be an alchemist and heal. Raised him since young age and live in outer area of Azim Steppe.

Valerin Surlant - Complicated. Respects him as a fellow feminine gay, however despises him as a person. Normally is petty around him.

Tripp Cinnabon - Sour. See's the miqote as a good test subject, however after an incident it's possible he won't be able to ask the individual.

Kheda'a Zhwan - Nuetral. Is intrigued by the other's peculiar nature.

Papa Smoke - Slightly negative. Creeps the other out, and in turn is scared he will get decked by the hrothgar.



Aizen Fimbulventre @ Hyperion

Kheda'a Zhwan

20 πŸŒ™ He/Him πŸŒ™ Gay πŸŒ™ Keeper of the Moon πŸŒ™ 160 / 5'1"


Kheda'a is a forest boy. Growing up in a secluded area, foraging and living off the land, he is in all aspects feral and always on alert.

Before the ages of 16, he had no knowledge of where he came from or why everyone around him was so on edge in his presence. In all aspects during this time he was just as wild as the animals and monsters that inhabited the forests of Gridania. Choosing to forage the land and hunt with his own bare hands, the sylphs took great joy in teasing and sometimes guiding the miqote boy towards something better for his future. Eventually in his mid teens, he had stumbled upon a trap a nearby settlement had, being taken in and then cared for and (badly) attempted at domestication.

Being a Keeper of the Moon, his instincts make him more adept at doing thing at night, making him very familiar with taking patrol at night and guarding the outside areas. Able to ward off enemies with either a spear or dual blades there's nothing that can stand in his way. But don't let his petite form fool you! Under those lean muscles holds a rare strength that can only be called forth under extreme emotional distress.

When venturing outside of his colony, Kheda'a is very unused to modern civilization. Wearing only a few clothes on his back to "blend in" and learn the ways of life. His mannerism's can seem quite odd, and his usual approach to things quite forward, but he in most cases never means any arm unless given a reason to. He is always curious and willing to learn.

[Secret, even to him!]
Kheda'a has no idea where he had learnt to speak nor where he originally grew up from. The few folk that do look out for him speculate he was a prisoner of war, where others feel he was possibly a test subject by the Garlean empire. How else could you you describe that burned sigil on his side and his way more animalistic nature in comparison to other miqote's?

NightimeMean PeopleAlignment: Neutral Good
MoonSelfishnessWeaknesses: Reading
PlayingSunlightFav Food: Steak
Pretty RocksSnakesFav Drink: Hot Chocolate
--Fav Color: Pink

Appearance / Personality

Dark Purple with bluey/purple highlights
Tail is fluffyish with highlights at tip
Ears have black tips
Dresses messily, wearing some things he thrown together when in civilization
Nervous energy when around other people than fellow tribe-people, usually unsure how to act around people
Get's distracted easily, or can zone out when uninterested, normally playing with the hem of his sweater
Very expressive, ears and tail usually moving when being emotive
Generally nice, or does something in hoping it is the good thing, can be motivated to do something bad if under the impression it is the good thing to do

Voice only similar in sound, not how he talks.

RP Hooks
In a non-forest area, can look out of place or nervous around modern day buildings or peopleCan fiddle or play with things that make clicky noises or hum when undisturbed, stimming when alone. May make someone annoyed or someone intriguedDoesn't understand most societal aspects, may approach curiously or have way too many questionsLooks up towards Hrothgar's as if they are "pack leaders", may approach one in high respect


Tripp Cinnabon - Significant other. See's him as his /closest/ pack mate. Feels most comfortable around him and relaxes more in his presence. Feels strong enough connection to try and remember his name, despite having troubles with it.

Jin - Pack Mate? Was very close to this individual, but hasn't seen him in quite some time.

Valerian Surlant - Pack mate, refers to them as 'Pointy Ears'. Looks up to them more as a mother figure, and feels soothed in their presence.

Papa Smoke - Friendly, looks up to them as a 'Pack Leader'. Refer's to him as "Big White".


Kheda'a Zhwan @ Behemoth

Kormak "Papa" Smoke

Late 43 πŸŒ™ He/Him πŸŒ™ Bi (Male leaning) πŸŒ™ The Lost πŸŒ™ 208.7cm / 6ft10in


A warrior of muscle, this snow leopard knows just how to take on any foe, be it monster or eorzean. Making a living off mentoring young adventurer's and trying to make ends meat can put a strain on a guy. Likes to meet new people or simply just enjoy a place that isn't that same old training area every day.

Works in a close knit guild, working as a faux leader to build up its reputation and take on jobs that others feel are too dangerous. Swinging a mighty Great Axe into battle, nothing can stand in his way.

On a day off he loves to relax with a good drink and perhaps talk to some other lovely fellows who tell a good story.

Can be somewhat self-conscious about his massive size, wishing to be lovable and kind to all however he can. But despite his best efforts, sometimes nothing can help what a small child feels with a massive sized guy coming towards you.

Appearance / Personality

Black clawsVery muscular; Large pecs, defined abs, girthy fore arms and legsViolet eyesSilver fur with black spots, grey/white beard and hair, occasionally paints a black heart on his cheekProminent canines, sharp even for a HrothgarDeep, bass-y voice
Kind-hearted, willing to lend an ear to anyoneMay not say too much, chooses his words carefullyLoves to laugh and have a good time, especially when drinking a good hard aleExpects everyone to pull their own weight and to earn their keep, no slackers in his houseDoes not take kindly to those that threaten the ones he loves and deems as friendsHe usually does not let much get under his skin, but if someone bothers him, he will simply ignore them or walk away. When he is pushed too far, he can become violent

Sounds simarly to Gladio from FFXV. With a slight russian sort of accent.

Loves to go out and have a drink, but rarely does so due to his intensive work scheduleOften worries about approaching races aside from Roegadyn and Hrothgar: he fears his appearance is somewhat scary or intimidatingWorks within a private guild as a part timer. He has experience in every adventuring role, but prefers to journey as a Warrior so he can make use of his extensive collection of battle-axesHas a kind-heart to all, especially children. Treats children like his own cubs, and gets excited when they aren’t afraid of his appearanceNo one knows his origins, claiming that he simply forgot. To him, it isn’t important: he believes a person’s past does not define them, instead their actions in the present hold more weightSecret: He does not give out his first name to anyone!! He will give it out to people he deems as special. Everyone calls him by Smoke and he prefers it that wayCurrently lives in Lavender Beds with his fellow guildmatesFears Garlean technology. He finds their intricacies too complex and appearance scary


Valerian Surlant - Boyfriend, holds a special place in his heart for the other. Supports the other in his choices and hopes the other will help give more spice to his rather dull life.

Tripp Cinnabon - Trainee, probably one of the closest young trainee's he has at the current moment. Is a bit harsh on the other in training, but he does it for he sees true potential in the other. Keeps a close eye on him and worries dearly, whether from knowing the hardships the other has faced since their first encounter or whether he sees Tripp as the son he never had.

Aizen Fimbulvetre - Negative. Dude creeps him out and is known to be assholey to his S/O. Not a good dude in his books.

Kheda'a Zhwan - Slightly positive. Feels there's more to the kid than just his gung ho nature, but his fatherly instincts to protect the lad wins over than to pry.


Papa Smoke @ Behemoth